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10, no, 11 things for July


Mom leaves today. I'm sad about this fact, but thrilled she doesn't leave until this evening.

Mom asked if we could still head out for frozen yogurt, which I had promised her a couple days ago, and to which I happily agreed. On our way back, I suggested, since we're unable to stick to the four hour work day, that we set monthly goals for ourselves. I was struck by Erica Douglass' tweet question last month:

Biz tip: 1st day of the month! Have you plotted out your goals for this month? What will be awesome to achieve by 6/30?

and wanted to try out a list for this month.

Mom was enchanted by the idea also, so out came the cards and down went the list. My list is:

  1. A working demo of
  2. Theme support for open source themes working on the site
  3. Weigh 125#
  4. Balance lengthwise for 5 seconds on the foam roller with both arms and legs straight up in the air
  5. Blog daily
  6. Call Mom and Dad every week
  7. 30 pushups without stopping
  8. Donate clothing
  9. Doctor appointments for neck, knee, lyme and tentatus
  10. Have the kitchen clean before going to bed each night
  11. Redesign my blog

The first one is the hardest, but I've already started on it.

The theme support is an idea I've had for a long time.

I didn't think weighing 125 pounds was going to be hard, until I realized my scale is off by 5 pounds. In the wrong direction.

If I can balance length-wise on the foam roller for five seconds, our pilates instructor said she'd buy us all a frozen yogurt. Given that this seems to be the only way to get her to come out with us, I'm up for the challenge.

I've been blogging daily, just haven't been pointing much, since my blogging server ran out of disk space a month or so back.

Calling Mom and Dad weekly I don't think will be difficult. I was humoured, however, that Mom wrote down the goal as "Call Mother/Dad weekly," since "Mother" is how she addresses her mom.

Thirty pushups will be a challenge, since I can do only about 15 in a row at the moment. I'd like to do these from my feet, not my knees, also.

Donating clothes is going to be more tedious that difficult, as I'm more able to part with ill-fitting (think: men's large shirts) clothes than I used to be. I'm not, however, able to part with them without taking pictures of them so that I know where they went.

Doctors appointments are ones that I've been meaning to get to or in the process of doing for a long time. My neck I've been complaining about for a year or so, with the doctor pooh-poohing me each time. My knee is in the process of getting magnetized to see what's up. I need to be checked for Lyme's disease, based on various symptoms I've been having and the multiple tick bites I've had in the last four years. And, since I work in the soil a lot, a tetanus booster would be a good idea.

With the heat these last few days, ants have been coming in and seeking the relatively coolness of the house. The compostable items in a bowl on the counter hasn't been exactly a deterent either. So, keeping the kitchen clean has been a complete necessity. That, and I'm in the process of cleaning out the kitchen window anyway, so it works for me.

And, I've been meaning to redo this site, removing the focus from the ME ME MY-LIFE ME personal aspect, and more into the ME ME ME THIS-IS-INTERESTING-TO-ME personal plus not-so-personal aspect.

So, lets see how this goes. I'm doing okay so far.

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