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A bite of heaven


Shirley stopped by today. She's in the middle of week two of three weeks between end of school and beginning of real life. I'm more than a little frustrated that the project I'm on has me working 10+ billable hours a week, which translates into about 12-14 hours of actual working, given I can't bill some of the research hours.

With Shirley here, and Kris coming home mid-day to work, we had a house full with six beings all moving and working and breathing and living in the house today. The girls spent most of the day underfoot and expecting to be fed, instead of their usual sleeping. I sear, that Bella is sometimes incredibly hard to resist in her cuteness.

Shirley brought over premade cookie dough, enough for six cookies. For the record, even though I didn't take any picture, it was three cookies of pure heaven into my belly.

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