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Tiny Kitt


I few months ago, I asked my mom to send me pictures of me as a child. I had read about a woman who, when she was frustrated and angry with herself, would pull out a picture of herself as a child and ask herself if she would be so angry with this child? We are our own worst critics, sure, but the negative self destructive aggression inward certainly doesn't help anyone.

And, oh boy, do we know how hard I can judge myself.

When writing up goals for the month yesterday, I suggested we write a goal for each other. Mom agreed, and wrote "meditate for 15 minutes daily AWAY FROM THE DOGS" on my card. Yeah, that was her emphasis. My mom - she's one smart cookie.

One of my goals for her was to send me those pictures. She does that, and I can cross that off one of my cards, too. Win-Win.

Well, she sent me them in spades.

I showed Kris a couple, and told him, "If you had seen this picture 10 years ago, maybe you'd have wanted kids." He gave me that little "believe what you want, woman" shrug, but I know my cuteness won him over. I mean, really, how can you be angry at this?


What a great picture - and a good idea as well for helping to visualize the absurdity we get into with our self-critical natures!

Super cute photo! It's a good idea not to get too angry with yourself too. I too am my own worst critic.