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Bypass Doom


Nine years is a long time, and yet, a very short time.

I know where I was when I heard about the World Trade Center Towers' destruction. I know that I called the police four hours before to call about something so trivial as someone unknown stealing recyclables from our trashcan. I know that nine years seems so long ago, and yet so recent.

I also know that the people who are calling out for the cancellation of a mosque's plans to be build near the World Trade Center, and insensitive, unAmerican, assholes for their short-sided, ignorant views.

I know that it's incredible unAmerican how fucking retarded said assholes are being, and how much I wish they could see beyond their kneejerk, irrational, unresearched, disgusting reactions.

Yeah, I'm not biased.

I skipped 9/11 this year. Crossed the dateline going from 9/10 straight to 9/12 by a clever changing of the clock on my phone.

It was 9/11 long enough for me to write this post.

Given how intolerant some people are, I think that was plenty long enough.

Next year will be the big one.

For now, bypass doom.

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