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No sense of smell can compensate


In a spectacularly idiotic move last night, I started baking sweet potato fries in the oven as a snack while I was working. That task in and of itself wasn't so bad. Forgetting I had done so, and leaving them in not only for hours, but overnight, however, was.

When I arrived home after the impromptu slumber party at Brynne's place last night, I was greeted by two excited dogs and an odd metallic smell. I puzzled over the smell until I wandered into the kitchen and saw the bake light on.


Burnt fries

One time is an accident, twice is a trend. Given that I've ruined the non-stick mat and an expensive cookie sheet, I have no intention of having said second incident and starting such a trend. I'll be far more careful about starting food, which is a good thing, since being present and in the moment is a recent goal.

That means, yes, I'll be back to my stack of cards and timers starting now, thankyouverymuch.

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