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Stress free! Or not.


This morning, I woke up just much too much early to head to San Francisco for New Game Conference, which I'm expecting to be mostly about HTML5 games. I had checked the train schedule last night, and decided I needed to leave by 6:45 to make the 7:13 train without stress.

Because I can't really sleep when I'm worried I'll sleep through my alarm, I was awake too early and up too early and out of the house at 6:40, enough time to stop by Starbucks for breakfast, and still make the train. All part of my plan.

So, I arrived at the train station with what I thought was enough time to be okay. As I stepped out of my car, however, I saw all of these other people rushing out of the garage. Usually that happens when a train is approaching. I looked at my watch: no, still before 7:00, just before, but still before, I'm okay for the 7:13 train.

I walked my own pace, down the stairs and into the ticket line. As I am standing at the back of the line, watching other people also in line, all of us wondering about the second machine with no one in line for it, I hear a train appraoching.

No, no, I am okay, I tell myself. I am hear early enough, it must be the southbound train.

A few moments later, shoot, no, it is a northbound train. I am okay, I tell hmyself, it isn't my train, no worry, no worry. Without stressing, without trying to rush, I stayed in line without worry, bought my ticket, then walked over to the schedule. It is now 7:05, and reading the schedule in front of me, it says that the train that just went by me was the bullet train. It left at 7:03.

The train that just went by.


What. The. Heck?

I checked the schedule last night! I should be 8 minutes early right now! I planned this to be stress free!



The next train is leaving in 20 minutes, and arrives in San Francisco at 8:48, instead of 8:02.

After a few more *sobs* I realize, oh wait, I was looking at the San Jose time row.

My train is arriving in 7 minutes.

So much for planning things to be stress free.

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