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New food rules


Having read a couple articles about food and fasting and longevity, I've decided to adjust my diet. Again. Since I've been keeping track of everything I eat, when I sleep, how and how much I spend, and what odd things happen to me, I've been able to see the effects of food and sleep have on my short-term health. While I won't really be able to track for longevity other than by delaying as long as I can my arrival to the other side, I can track how I feel after adjusting my diet.

Tracking everything has been fascinating, like realizing I have headaches after eating sugar, even with chocolate but especially with cupcakes. Or that the suggested four Omega 3 supplements a day wreaks havoc on my bowel movements.


Two is just fine.

So, my current plan for food is, "If I can grow it, make it, catch it or harvest it, I'll eat it." It'll mean a lot more whole foods, a lot fewer processed foods. Technically yes, I could make the potato chips or the corn chips or the exquisitely light, white cake with butter frosting... but I'm not going to make them. I'm not going to grow the wheat and mill it and churn the butter and the like. There's a limit to how far I'll go, so pffffffft, most sweets are out.

Of course I'll make an exception for chocolate in this new grow-make-catch-harvest rule, but I hope to eventually make that the only exception. We'll see.

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