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Millions of peaches


Andy and Nicole came over tonight. The peach trees in the back yard (yeah, there happens to be a peach tree in the front yard) produced a lot tiny peaches, which have been dropping for a couple weeks now. It's the first year in about 4 years that the peach leaf curl didn't completely overwhelm the tree such that it didn't produce any fruit, as in previous years. I suspect both a milder summer and better watering helped the peach trees trive.

Yeah, so, millions of peaches, peaches for free. Most of them lying on the ground. Andy discovered this last week at the Chicken Social, and took five gallons of tiny peaches home. He cut them all up, mashed them, added honey and I think apple juice for liquid and told me how delicious the resulting drink was. A bit of yeast later, and the peaches are ready for some peach-based mead drink production.

Tonight, Andy came over for another batch of peaches. When he arrived, I dropped what I was doing, and went outside to help him with picking peaches from the tree and picking up the peaches from the ground.

As I was picking them up, I was both happy and sad. Happy to be hanging out with a friend, working on the yard (in some capacity), gathering materials to make something, and sad that Kris never really wanted to do any of this, that I wasn't really able to convince him to do little yard projects around the house, to enjoy the yard and what it can produce.

Rather doesn't matter much at this point, but it still makes me a bit sad.

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