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Feedback from my OWC talk


After my talk at Open Web Camp I asked for feedback from several people. I really love getting feedback on my talks. I wish more people actively gave feedback, even if negative, so that I could improve my talks, deliver something more useful. The feedback I had from this talk included:

  1. Try videos
    Dirk had videos of the terminal, demonstrating the typing he does to get things working. This "show don't tell" approach is fantastic. Create videos and talk over them.
  2. Pause on slides longer
    My slides have code, CSS and HTML on them. Pause long enough for them to be read.
  3. Make sure everything works
    It's easy to change one little thing to improve one part of the talk. Small changes like that propagate, so make sure the rest of the talk works the way I say it will work.
  4. Fill out some sections
    • Expand the transforms section
    • More animations

Overall, I'm happy with this talk. It's an introduction talk. At some point, I'll expand it to be more intermediate / advanced. For right now, I'm tickled about this feedback.

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