While the sliding glass doors were being delivered for the house, Clive, Chris (Clive's son), and I talked for a while as they relaxed. I talked a bit about the work I still need to do on the house, and commented on how I was really unsure how to handle some of the water issues. The water is definitely well water. It doesn't seem to have the amount of iron in it that Dad's well has, but it smells of water minerals and the like.

As I commented about this, Clive turned to me and told me about his experiences growing up in Jamaica. They dug a hole about half the size of my garage, lined it with concrete and used it to hold the water that was collected from rain. They drank this water, not boiled, not filtered, just drank it. They bathed with it. The artificial pond had green algae at the top, and tiny, 2cm long fish in it. They avoided drinking the fish, but drank the water.

When the pond ran dry, they went to the parish pond, which was about half an acre in size, filled their 5 gallon jug full of water, put the jug on their head and walked back home.

The water coming out of my faucet is fine. There's nothing wrong with it.

I'm debating about the water from the snowball.

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