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Doesn't work at all


I was looking through the list of issues and bug reports for a module that I was considering installing, when I came across an issue with this title:

Doesn't work at all with VBO

My first thought was, "Wouldn't help you if that were a bug report submitted to me," followed by the thought, "Whiner."

Which isn't very empathetic of me. My immediate thoughts were reactionary and more negative than they needed to be. Thankfully, I recognized those annoyed emotions in myself. I'm working to be less frustrated and judgemental in passing things like that, but, dang, does that issue title annoy me.

Here's why:

1. "at all"

The module advertises it works with VBO. If it didn't work with VBO, the module author wouldn't have listed VBO in the feature list.

2. "Doesn't work"

This is so vague as to be useless in a bug report title. How do I search on "Doesn't work"? How do I know *what* didn't work. How do I know what you tried? "Doesn't work at all" is a whiney, entitled, clueless title for a report. Yes, it worked in some way. Yes, you don't understand it. Give me more information.

3. The title doesn't tell me what the problem is that I, as a passing observer, might need to know about the issues with this module.

Yes, this one is selfish of me, but I'd like to save time by knowing what the issues are specifically, instead of a waste-my-time vague title.

What the reporter should have done instead with that title:

1. Kept her frustration out of the title and description.

I don't care if you're tired or if you're new or if you're experienced or if you've just arrived back from a space walk, if you are whiny or entitled, I'm not inclined to help you. You're asking someone to help you out, ask nicely.

2. Helped me help you

If you are vague, I can't help you. Make it easy for me to help you. Don't make me pull teeth to get information out of you.

3. Remembered there is a person at the other end of that issue queue

Likely someone who is scratching an itch and wrote that module / code / theme / whatever WITHOUT COST TO YOU. Said person owes you NOTHING.

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Don't insult someone who provided you a helping hand. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. All those.

I read through the issue comments, and noticed the original complaint author didn't come back to the ticket to close the issue, and likely didn't see that yes, he messed up. He didn't know how to use the module, so he figured it didn't work. He likely had a permissions issue. Turn it off and on again. Clear the cache. Fix your authoring permissions. Or heaven forbid, write a good bug report to allow someone else to repeat the steps you did. For the love of god, don't just say "It doesn't work."

Works on my machine.

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