The kid needs to watch Back to the Future


"Aren't you glad cars were invented?"

"Well, given that I haven't known a world without cars in it, I can only speculate whether the world is a better place with or without their having been invented. My personal happiness aside."

"Does that mean you're glad they were invented?"

"Consider what would exist if cars hadn't been invented. Maybe we would all have hoverboards instead."

"What's a hoverboard?"

"A skateboard that floats in the air."

"It wouldn't work in winter."

"How do you know? Do you have a hoverboard?"

"I don't have a hoverboard."

"So how do you know they don't work in winter? Maybe they have some kind of anti-snow repellant thing."

"You'd be cold!"

"Why? Hoverboards could have heaters."

"No, they couldn't."

"Well, how are cars heated?"

"I don't know."

"With heaters and from the engine's excess heat. Hoverboards could do that, too."

"But you would crash!"

"Why would I crash? I haven't crashed the car. Why would I crash my hoverboard?"

"You'd get hurt if you crashed."

"Maybe the hoverboard is covered in one giant airbag that would turn into a giant hamster ball if you crashed."



"Does this mean you're glad cars were invented?"


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