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"It should just work."


"That never happens."

Well, I'm looking at it happening right now.

"It should just work."

Well, it doesn't.

"It doesn't do that."

Well, it's doing it right now.

I have a coworker whose reaction to something that doesn't fit his view of the world is to deny it. He doesn't ask for more details. He doesn't ask for clarification of the problem at hand. He doesn't help the person asking for help, he just tells them they are wrong.

The company is big enough that I don't actually know where this guy is in the organizational structure. I do know that I seriously hope he isn't in any support or development role. This company writes software, and any sufficiently complex software has bugs. To categorically deny what other developers are seeing, likely developers who are nose-deep in the code and seeing something odd RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT, makes this guy an ass. In every interaction I have had directly with this guy, he has been wrong. In every interaction I have witnessed this guy in, he has been wrong.

If you're that ass, stop it. Stop assuming your viewpoint is correct and start asking questions to better understand what is going on.

If you're not that ass, good. Keep asking questions, keep working to understand what the other person is seeing. You're doing it right.

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