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The Things People Send me.


I get weird things sent to / tweeted at / emailed to me all the time. This one rather takes this month's cake, if only for the following reasons:

1. The only interests I have in something like this are in questioning it and in mocking it.
2. I'm not the Kitt in the picture.
3. I haven't been that skinny for about 10 years and do not want to be that skinny again.
4. I have never been had that color of skin and never want to have that fake skin color.
5. I have never worn nor ever want to wear clear plastic high-heeled shoes.
6. I would much rather be known for something more than the fleeting looks of my body.
7. I don't have any understanding why someone would want to do this sort of thing, and
8. My boobs are bigger anyway.


That made me LOL,...your boobs are bigger

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