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Close Game!


We went to the San Jose Spiders game last night to watch some PROOOOOOOOfessional ultimate. In reality, I went to watch Kevy play, since he is pretty much the only person I know on the team.

We arrived just before the game was going to start, so managed to grab a burger before heading into the stands.

The first quarter of the game was pretty standard offense, both sides going man defense. Both teams would throw one throw to center the disc, maybe 2-3 throws to move the disc around, then a huck for a score. And by both teams, I mean, trading points this way for the first 8 points of the game. The individual player moments might have been great, a slightly overthrown disc here, layout or sky there, but the offense as a whole was boring: same thing over and over again, just faster guys and a bigger field.

The Spiders' situational awareness was really poor, which contributed to the boring aspect of the game. Oh look, there guy who always hucks the disc just received it. Maybe just maybe the guy guarding the player who always runs deep should be expecting the coming huck and force under. Maybe? A little bit maybe? Nope. He's three steps behind and look the other team scored. Of course, if you know this guy is going to huck, double team him, which is allowed at this level. Why not stop that huck for a chance at blocking a few shorter throws?

There were a couple other situations very similar that had me wondering what was going on in the players' heads. The Spiders would manage to force the disc to a sideline, then knowing JUST KNOWING the thrower has an incredible inside out, and allowing it to go off, re-centering the disc on the field.

And, yes, I recognize that all of this is easy for me to say from the sidelines, not actually being the player on the field.

I also recognize that it doesn't matter how well you play, you still need to remember the fundamentals.

Score-wise, the teams traded points until around eights, then Seattle pulled ahead. They led for most of the game until the Spiders tied the score deep into the fourth quarter. The behind-the-whole-game made Andy sad.

There's something about being behind in a game for most of the game that both makes things depressing "My team is losing!" and exciting "My team is making a comeback!" Part of human nature, perhaps, that causes us to separate the Us from the Them and devalue the skills and abilities of the Them.


The Spiders lost by one point, after tying the game at 21s. Was a great game, very close the whole way. Exciting for the fans, even if last year's champion team is now 1-4.

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