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"I Inherited a Mess"


I am cracking up. I am laughing so hard my sides are aching.

Cheetoh said yesterday, "I inherited a mess," to which every single intelligent person on the planet starting laughing.

OF COURSE you didn't inherit a "mess." The economy is strong. The unemployment rate is 4.8, near a 10 year low. The median income is holding steady with the third straight year of increases. The only "mess" is the income discrepancy between the bottom 50% and the top 1%. Start with that mess, and fix it. Actually, the "mess" is the fucked-up mess you made, then started blaming others for the crap.

That said, of course you inherited a mess. Every incompetent person who takes over a project thinks the previous person made a mess of things. It's the competent ones who are able to look at the previous work, appreciate the parts that did work, and build from there.

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