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Up for Air


Four hours later, I close my last bookriot tab (I think I had about 40 open at one point) and all the rabbit holes it sent me down (another 30 tabs) looking at books, recommended books, suggested books, how to read different books, book challenges, book suggestions, different editions, books on dying, books on old age, books for young adults, book to take another look at, and whoo.

If I see another recommendation for The Hate U Give, I guarantee I will not read it.

So, now I have another 30 books on my list of books to read “some day” but I suspect I’m not really very motivated to read most of them. Upside, did not buy them. I tagged a number from the library, did not put any additional ones on hold, for fear they'll drop into my list before I'm read for them. They rest are on a list, not even a list on the phone or on my laptop! I wrote them down, so I’m not very likely to read them immediately. That my list is my new browse-my-bookcase shelf.

This is a good thing, as I already have the next 8 lined up. Which is odd. I didn't used to have a queued up reading list.

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