The End


Years ago, I auditioned for my school's variety show, as a one-person stand-up act. I didn't manage to secure a solo spot, but I was invited to participate as the girl-who-auditioned-and-fell-in-lust-with-the-cute-guy-also-auditioning intro girl for another act. I came onto the stage "practicing" my script, then spun around all gushing about this boy who was also at the auditions. Interestingly, I was carrying a box of chocolates in a Valentine box for him. As luck would have it, he walked across the stage towards me, saw me, then broke into song, as I wandered around the stage swooning at him. I have no idea how well I swooned.

That time on stage, however, was the end of my acting career.

Some things have natural endings, like my acting career. Some things continue beyond their peak in a bad way. Very, very few people have the wisdom to go out on top. Even rarer are the things that surprise us by continuing in a good and surprisingly wonderful way.

I believe this site has come to its natural end. If not a full stop, at least a long hiatus. It has given me an outlet when I needed it, and a place to remember after I spent years, decades, trying to forget. I expect I'll find another place to write, but this particular site has reached its end.

There are, as far as I can tell, three people who read what I post here, and none of my family are in those three. To you, my loyal three readers, there are more interesting places to be on the Intarwebs. Adventure is out there!

The end.

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