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Could be worse


Went to the knee doctor today. I was wise enough to run before i went into the appointment, though not wise enough to run far enough to trigger enough pain to provide a description to my doctor for what I was feeling.

I very much enjoy chatting with the doctor. He is all short, direct sentences, and will keep talking if interrupted. I have learned not to interrupt him.

Okay, doc said MRI at this point would be to see what the surgical options are. Given has been 3 weeks since injury, he says wait for a month and then have the MRI, to give my knee time to heal as best it can. Stay active, as much as I can tolerate (so, somewhere between sloth and Priyanka levels of activity), go to PT again for exercises that I can tolerate, and don't aggravate the knee. Walks with packs are fine if the knee is okay. Don't go downhill much if I can avoid it, for the next month.

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