How Dare They?


Dad and I went out grocery shopping today. The house doesn't have much food in it, as he doesn't eat here much, and it definitely doesn't have food that I normally eat ("You fixing broccolli?" "Should I not buy any for you?" "No, I don't eat that stuff."), so out we went for food. Dad has opinions™ about grocery shopping, what to buy, what he's willing to spend on food. I'm less stingy with my food, if I want to try something new, I will try it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

After shopping, we hustled out to the truck. It was -22˚C without wind chill, and we chilled quickly. The walk wasn't very far, but wow, being out of the wind in the cold truck cab was such a relief, even with the groceries piled up along the front seat.

When Dad started pulling out of the parking spot, he was able to go forward, so he started moving perpendicular to the parking lot rows (columns?). He went across the space in front of us, missed being hit by the person driving down the row, across the row to the next space. He continued driving straight across the lot, gaining speed, until another car driving diagonally across the parking lot crossed our path, forcing him to both slow down and swerve slightly.

"That driver!" he yelled.

"I know!" I yelled immediately after. "How dare they do exactly what we are doing?"

Dad looked at me, and started laughing. I joined in. I don't recall the last time that Dad and I laughed together for 15 minutes straight, but it was glorious.

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