Christmas wish-list 2005

Each year, we do a Secret Santa gift exchange with my family. It's less expensive than giving both my brothers, their significant others and their children all gifts. Instead, the adults each buy one gift for another adult. The kids? Well, they're still a free for all.

In the spirit of the gift exchange, buying something the recipient wants is best.

So, Mom, here are Kris' and my lists.


  1. New bi-fold wallet
  2. Disc 4
  3. Disc 1
  4. How to Host a Murder Mystery
  5. Baseball Forecaster, Graphical Pitcher
  6. Underwear! Boxers or tighty-whities, size 30
  7. Socks (white, lots and lots - I'll probably get these for him from Costco)


  1. Seeds, vegetables and other edibles (trees, berries, etc.)
  2. Soaps
  3. Cook's magazine, M.S. Living
  4. stuff from my Amazon wishlist
  5. time
  6. light green or light (pastel) yellow potters (plant pots)
  7. pretty much any scone mix from King Arthur Flour

Can't think of any other things off the top of my head. Hope that's enough, Mom.