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4 Women Walk Into a Restroom...


As I was sitting on the toilet in a stall today (YES, this is going to be another post that deals with shit - like, shit shit, real shit), and a woman opened the door of the stall next to me. She stepped into the stall, turned around, walked out of the stall, and into the next stall over. She did her business and left.

Before she was done, another woman came into the bathroom, walked into stall next to me, turned around, and walked into the stall on the other side of the stall I was in.

You might see where this is going.

Another woman walked in, walked into the stall next to me, turned around, walked out, walked into a different stall father down. The first woman had left by this point, so when the fourth woman walked in, walked into the stall next to me, walked out, and then went into the next stall down, I pretty much had had enough.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? What, you're going to get cooties by FLUSHING THE FUCKING TOILET? You are going to get those cooties if you shit in the toilet or don't shit in the toilet, if you flush it the same way, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS IN THE FUCKING TOILET.


Who the fuck cares if it isn't your god damned shit? Your lily white ass is so precious you can't sit on the seat where someone else has pooped? Give me a fucking break.

Fucking prisses.


Did you go and flush that toilet afterwards?

Hell yes I went in and flushed it. Stupid thing needed flushing twice.

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