Connecting to firewalled DB

Sent to UPA volunteers. Assumes mac.
Here's how to use CocoaMySQL to look at the scores database.

1. Download and install CocoaMySQL from

2. Open a terminal/iterm/xterm and create a tunnel to the webserver:

% ssh -L13306:newupadb:3306

This line says ssh (secure shell) into and
forward all local traffic on port 13306 to port 3306 on newupadb

newupadb is a hostname that knows about.

You should know your password.

3. Connect to newupadb through the tunnel opened in 2 with CocoaMySQL

When CocoaMySQL starts, use these values:

User: club2005
Password: xxxxxxxx
Port: 13306

Press Connect

4. Select the scores DB in the left side column, under Choose database...

5. Select a table

The main panel will show you options to view the Structure (table
definition), Content (the specific records), Custom Query (to test
your SQL) and Dumps (if you really really want the gobs of data).