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My work bag

Daily Photo

Ever wonder what people have in their work bags? The people at InVision do, and asked a number of designer and developers what is in their work bags. I sent in a picture of my bag.

In the top row, from the left, my bag contains:

My work laptop
My notebooks which include my lab notebook, my daily todo-list notebook, and my life goals progress journal.
The work bag: my backpack! I use both shoulders when I carry my workbag, it is important to stay balanced!

In the second row, you'll find:

My personal laptop, because work and personal items should always be kept separate. I firmly believe that at any point, an employer should be able to ask for their laptop back and I should be able to hand it back to them, without fear of loss of personal information.
My phone.
My stack of yellow index cards for incoming tasks. That stack is only about 1" thick at this point.
Tweezerman nail clippers. I carry these everywhere, so that I don't chew on my nails. When I have the urge, I pull these out and trim my nails.
My Waterfield pouch for cables.

In the last row, I have:

A bag of pens, hair clips, keys, post-its, highlighters, and a velcro strap.
My camera. This Canon has a wonderful macro lens, as well as remote viewing on my phone.
My wallet.
My ice cream money coin purse from Mom.
My computer power supply. The adapter is in the cable pouch.
And my thinking cap. Can't go anywhere without a thinking cap.

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