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Up Lookout Trail

Daily Photo

Went for a recovery hike today on Lookout Trail, starting at the Madrone campsite in the Steven Creek Reservoir area. This is one of the hikes I did a lot last year when I was training locally, with the hill going up Lookout Trail being somewhat tiring. Today I went up the hill, and up the hill, and up the hill, and either wasn't going fast enough or it wasn't as steep as I remember. What threw me off was that this view kept happening. I kept thinking I was nearing the top of the hill, as this view of the trail going up, with sky visible through the trees clearly meant I was near the top. I was not. I saw this view three times before I was at the top. Cracked me up. Had to loop around a new trail for me to hike the full 45 minutes of the walk. Getting stronger!

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