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Software requirements for patterns.biz base package

  • Search functionality
    • Customizable
    • Complete
    • minimum DB load
  • Keywords for products
    • Search
    • Categories / product groupings
  • Multiple product categories
    • Designer
    • stitch
    • pattern subject
    • ...
  • Customizable product page
  • Customer feedback
  • Product ratings
  • User accounts
    • Order tracking (open, status, history)
    • Feedback ratings history (can be custom)
  • Extensible
    with modules, templates or plugins
  • Integrates with desired payment services (authorize.net, etc.)
    Need to determine authorization payment processor
  • CSS customizable
    Minimal tables, maximum CSS
  • Good administration functionality (define this better)
  • Multiple product admins (designers, etc.) or permission levels
  • Allows downloads
    • PDFs, etc.
    • Can be a plugin
    • Needs to be extensible since we'll be adding a new step (date/order/name stamp, cover page, encryption)
  • Can order without creating a user account
    We can probably add this later
  • Featured product
  • You-might-also-like functionality

Should have a customizable front page, preferably something that can be mostly static.

  • User comments
  • Ratings (3 stars of 5)
  • How complete are the instructions
  • Are the instructions easy to follow?
  • Time to complete?
  • Beginner/advanced rating reasonable?

  • action shots
  • beginner/advanced
  • On the product form:
    • Supplementary instructions on techniques
    • add tools to cart
    • add missing tools (or other additional tools)

Feedback, user comments, ratings (3 stars of 5)

How long to complete a project (correctly rated as beginner, advanced, etc.)

"action shots"

Feedback: how complete are the instructions?
easy to follow?
time to complete?

On order: supplementary instructions on techniques
add tools to cart
add missing tools (additional tools)