Kit or Kitt?

Given a nominally gender neutral name, how can one tell, without any visible cues, the gender of the owner's name? I can't help with the names Pat, Cameron or Kelly, but with Kitt, there are some clues.

Kitt, also spelled Kit, is typically a nickname, a shortened version of some polysyllabic name that no one wants to use, or the parents couldn't yell at the top of their lungs easily.

Kit is short for Christopher (or Christofer, or Kristopher, or Kristofer, take your pick).

Kitt is short for Kitty, Katie, Kathy, Katheryn, Katherine, Catherine, etc., take your pick).

As a general rule, one T is the male spelling of the Kit/Kitt name, and two Ts is the female spelling of the Kit/Kitt name. Because it's only the general rule, you'll find exceptions. In my experience, however, this is how you can tell a boy Kit from a girl Kitt.