Importing MySQL data into Access


Sometimes, a linked database needs to be exported into Access for someone to use with Excel. Don't ask me, it happens. How to do that, even with linked database tables. Importing MySQL Data to Access
To import a table or tables from MySQL to Access, follow these instructions:
1. Open a database, or switch to the Database window for the open database.
2. To import tables, on the File menu, point to Get External Data, and then 
click Import.
3. In the Import dialog box, in the Files Of Type box, select ODBC Databases (). 
The Select Data Source dialog box lists the defined data sources The Select Data 
Source dialog box is displayed; it lists the defined data source names.
4. If the ODBC data source that you selected requires you to log on, enter your
login ID and password (additional information might also be required), and then 
click OK.
5. Microsoft Access connects to the MySQL server through ODBC data source and 
displays the list of tables that you can import.
6. Click each table that you want to import, and then click OK.

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