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Rails and Ruby things I keep forgetting

# List all rails migrations and their statuses
bundle exec rake db:migrate:status
# Undo the last migration 
bundle exec rake db:rollback
# Undo the last N migrations
bundle exec rake db:rollback STEP=n
# Run a single migration
bundle exec rake db:migrate:up VERSION=20190606020304
# Rerun a single migration
bundle exec rake db:migrate:redo VERSION=20190606020304
# clear all the gems in a gemset (useful for debugging why a dependency is failing, don't do "bundle clean")
rvm gemset empty `cat .ruby-gemset`
# if you need to pass in extra data in a form to a controller,
# allow in the params, then "except" before creating:
# first time you have a new DB and want to use the defined schema
bundle exec rake db:schema:load

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