to do in 2011 01

Things I want to try in January

hourly tracking

Mindful living, from, "every hour my watch emits a chime. this is my signal to become mindful, document the moment, and decide what to do with the next hour. this site is an archive of such moments."

Jonathan suggested I use a twitter account to record the actual moment documenting part, as i can do it via text, ipad, iphone, computer, etc. Then, set up a site (subsite) to pull the twitter feed to my servers. I can certainly keep the twitter stream private, if I want to, or keep it public and have it mirror to my site.

write up 11:11

Of course, first thing in January, I also want to write up the 11:11 statuses I've been doing all year. Of course, that means *finding* all of them.

redo blog

Upgrade to Drupal 6 at least, maybe Drupal 7, not sure about that.

launch TG

Because, really, that's what this is all about, right?


Yeah, there are a billion other things I want to do in January, and if I list all of them, I'll be spinning my wheels at the overwhelming number of things I want to do. So, this list is it. These are the things I want to do in January.


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