Thoughts 2010-07-14

Web developer tutorials

How to make a bookmarklet

Two JS tools: jquerify & selenium source RC

Blank theme resources

Drupal FileField Sources - FileField extension to upload files via CCK field

Adobe floral brushes, including some swirls

Javascript syntax highlighter

Jonathan Snook's Digital Web author page

smush-it losses image minimizer

Helicopter training start guide

"integrated web security testing environment, which can be used to identify vulnerabilities by using advanced browser automation"

Web based tools for startups

Development resources, not so sure about this list

WP cheat sheets

JQuery grid plugin

jQuery fontscale plugin

Sammy: RESTful evented JS
jquery based

jQuery LongURL plugin

Video players for sites

In theory, 35 drupal modules a site needs (35? ugh)

Learn new skills!

Fluid Grid

Drupal Searchlight views-based search

Canon Powershot SDK

Touch screen stencils and other resources

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