thoughts 2011 01 15

Catching up on a list of pages, links and the like...

CSS De-Compactor
Debug CSS files by expanding all definitions

List of Incubators and Accelerators

Five data blogs to read
Measuring Measures, Dataists, Flowing Data

Browserling announed at
Cross browser testing in a browser

David Airey's wordpress theme

Why is this even necessary?
To change THEMES, you have to export your SEO settings? That's fucked up and a retarded architecture.

Plugin for JS namespacing

1140 wide, 12 column grid
"Fluid all the way to mobile"

HTML5 + vector + video beta app for Mac OS X

VIM from novice to professional by: Derek Wyatt
Web casts that visually teach VIM

Why I quit WoW and started working out
I wish Kris would read this.

Prettify CSS

emacs mode to send http requests

Headless full-stack testing using Node.js

Client-side jQuery-centric dev links

Express JS
node.js framework

Test Apache rewrite rules

I find this frightening.
The study shows test animals can develop Creutzfeldt–Jakob equivalent diseases via the air.

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