thoughts 2011 02 01

HTML5 Outliner for Opera
For Opera

Learn Python the Hard Way
52 exercises in all: 26 cover just input/output, variables, and functions. / 26 cover logic (boolean algebra, if-statements, while-loops, etc.)

Eloquent JavaScript
General introduction to JS and programming in general.

How to create an opera extension from scratch

Appeals court says warrant needed for email

First-class functions
Functions can take functions as arguments as well as return them.

// a "factory" of sorts.
function makeLouder(fn) {
  return function (a) {
    return fn(a) + "!!!";

var loudAbs = makeLouder(Math.abs);

loudAbs(9000) // "9000!!!"
loudAbs(-9000) // "9000!!!"

Bootstrappers Breakfast
Breakfast with other entrepreneurs, discussing problems and solutions

17 Lessons from Seth Godin about new marketing

Data visualization of sports champions

Copyblogger ipad apps for writing

Code editors for ipad

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