Change xterm font and colors on the fly


Sometimes you want a new xterm window with smaller fonts.

Current .Xdefaults

xterm*Background:               black
xterm*Foreground:               LightGreen
xterm*cursorColor:              LightBlue
#xterm*pointerShape:             arrow
#xterm*pointerColor:             blue
xterm*pointerColor:             white
xterm*font:                     *-fixed-*-*-*-18-*

You can, however, include the values on the command line, too. This one is a legible size, if tiny:

xterm -fa monaco -fs 9 -bg black -fg LightGreen &

Brief Cases

Book Notes

A Killer Harvest

Book Notes

Only Human

Book Notes



"I think the problem here is that we have someone on the autism scale, talking with another person also on the autism scale, trying to have a nuanced conversation where neither knows what the other is trying to say."


Apply branch changes without merging with Git


You're working in one branch and you want the changes from another branch (say, you've done a pull request, and want the changes made in that other branch in your current branch), but don't want to merge the changes, you just want them available.

Assuming you want them all in one go, merge without committing, with a squash, then unstage the staged files that will come over with the merge.

If you want specific changes, use git cherrypick -n

git merge --no-commit --squash branch_with_commits
git reset HEAD