Resnick Was One


I was going to write about my memories of the Challenger shuttle crash, and its anniversary today.

Turns out, I've written about it before.

There are very few people I would say I have ever aspired to be. Resnik was one.

Virtue and Terror

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Book Notes

Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution

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The Effects of the Jumping of The Rope


When one jumps the rope on the porch of The Farm, let's just say, Things Happen™.

Said things include:

1. Chickens fleeing the safety of the trees, away from the fwip, tap, fwip, tap, fwip, tap, fwip, tap, fwip, tap, fwip, tap of two jumps a second.

2. Bodily functions send Other Things™ downward.

There are other Things That Happen™, to be sure.

Such as, one becomes more adept at the jumping of the rope. I'm at 120 jumps a minute, I'm wondering if I can sustain the pace longer, or go faster.