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Another ASA ass kicking.


Another lowerbody workout at ASA's MVP class. And yes, another ass kicking.

G has adjusted his workout strategy. Instead of working each of us individually, we did mini circuit training. G would set up three stations (or two if the two stations were particularly difficult) and we'd each cycle through them. It works well enough.

Abbreviated ladders to start.

3 sets of:
hamstring curls (lifting)
4 point star lunges
walking lunges, carrying 25# weight, twisting outside, inside, both

3 sets of:
squat jumps over hurdles
20 skaters (10 each leg)
shuffle ball toss (6#)

And then abs, focusing on lower abs.

V ups with weights


Kris McQueen: We did jump rope
Kris McQueen: the single legged toe touches w/ a 10 lb. weight
Kitt Hodsden: Yay!
Kitt Hodsden: Oh, yeah.
Kris McQueen: more ab stuff (single leg V-ups, partner leg throw downs, 6-12" leg lifts
Kris McQueen: I forget what else.