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Mid-month ASA MVP workout


Today, only Kris and I attended class, as Lisa was working this evening. We started with abbreviated ladders, each x2:

  • LR-RL
  • Outsides LR
  • Ali-shuffle
  • Inside-Outside-Inside-Outside
  • Outside-Inside hop scotch
  • Hip twists, R foot first, then L foot first, then alternating

Gino didn't think I had warmed up properly, and asked me to stretch further before continuing. No problem, as my left hamstring is, once again, bothering me.

G continued us in the circuit training format, with one person doing one exercise while the other person does another. Kri started with the T drill (five sets): run 10 steps (about 10 yards forward, shuffle 5 yards to the right, back 10 yards to the left, back again 5 yards to the right, then the 10 yards backward to the starting point. His times lowered each time he ran his 5 sprints, from 11 seconds to 10.6 seconds.

Meanwhile, I was doing 10 side-to-side jumps over a cone, then sprinting forward 10 yards or so on the last landing. The goal was to not drop a foot backward after the last landing, just explode forward at the landing. I had good ones and bad ones, but got better at the end.

We switched. My T drill times were 11.6, 11.5, 11.4, 11.4, 11.6 and 10.7. We're convinced either I cheated on the last one (by not going all the way to the side cones), or G was trigger happy with the stopwatch.

Next came weightlifting. Kris started with one footed squat / leg press, while I did one legged leg extensions. I started with 15# for the leg extensions, but was doing fine with 25# on my last set, so I can probably increase next time. I had difficulty with the leg press, as I was using my glutes more than my quads. At Kris' suggestion, I dropped my foot lower on the push pad, and managed to get more quad action in the lifts.

3 sets
toe touches 
side to sides with med ball

sumo squats

We then finished with abs, as usual.

  • bicycles
  • russian crunches
  • overhead abs, V ups
  • lower back
  • side to sides, round the world
  • partner push down with med ball
  • 6" - 12" leg holds