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$25 to Hump a Stranger's Leg

Annie, the beagle

Annie went to doggie daycare today. Kris was up at 6:10 (much earlier than we get up normally, by a LOT), and out the door by 7:00. Since this was Annie's first trip to the doggie daycare, she needed to arrive early so that she could greet other dogs as they came into the room. The alternative was introducing her to a mob of 20 dogs (stressful for any dog!).

The doggie daycare (DDC from now on) has a webcam where you can watch the room. Whenever I watched, Annie looked lost: standing around looking sad.

Kris picked up Annie from DDC in the late afternoon and heard the Annie report. When Kris dropped her off in the morning, apparently she howled. Annie isn't a big talker (that would be Bella), so her howling is definitely a sign of distress. Her other sign is humping the nearest person's leg. Yes, that's right, we have a humper.

Annie humped the attendent's leg. Each time she did, she received a time-out (15-20 seconds in a kennel). After a few times, she figured out the humping means a time-out, so she stopped. She also stopped her howling. She's pretty smart.

Apparently Kris managed to see Annie during one of her humping sessions. Ah, if only he had grabbed a snapshot of the moment, we'd have documentation of how we paid $25 for our dog to hump a stranger's leg.