7 Times in One Night: A Conversation with Dad


One of the very, very, very few things I'm uncomfortable about with my quality of life is the lack of time I spend with my parents. Unlike many people, but like most people I know, I have good relationships with my parents. I like spending time with them. Unless, of course, Dad and I are talking politics. Then all gloves come off.

Because I don't spend a lot of time with my parents, I feel I lose out on great stories from their lives. I wish I wrote down more of the ones I hear. Why, just tonight, Dad related to me this story:

"A friend of mine told me he had sex seven times in one night. I was talking to my dad at dinner, and told him about this guy, about how he had sex seven times in one night. Grandma piped up, "Ike and I don't have it that many times in as many months!" Dad turned to her, "Well, he's missing out."

What a hoot! My grandpa telling my great-grandmother to have more sex. I'm sure Grandpa's stories would have been entertaining, too. I miss him.

Update: Moving this to a book entitled, "Conversations With Dad".