Starting a Freecycle module


I started my Freecycle module for drupal. You can see an example of it working on my site, though it's in a state of flux and may not be working at any given point.

Freecycle is a growing, grassroots movement that reduces landfill trash by promoting the free exchange of used yet still useable goods. In other words, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

The basic concept is that some used goods can be used by other people. Rather than throwing out usable goods, an owner can post the item to a list, offering it to others. If another person has need of the goods, s/he can respond requesting the used goods.

Part of the problem I have with the process is the difficulty with selecting one person to give the item to, or asking for an item (oooo! pick me! I want it! I need it. I hate sob-story emails from strangers.). When I post items (and I've posted a lot to my local group), I often get a flood of emails. I then have to figure out which person I should give the item to, arrange for pickup, wait to see if they pickup (no shows are a big deal), and reoffer if the items aren't picked up. I think the "Sorry, already taken." emails after the first n emails are received (where n varies on how much I think someone really wants the items and will be likely to pick them up) suck the most.

This Freecycle module will alleviate some of those issues, by having people sign up online. I'll be able to configure how many emails I accept before automatically terminating the list, provide a giveaway/pickup status for unclaimed items, limit how many items someone can pick up (by email address, IP address, etc.) and provide feedback (ala ebay) about no-shows.

Nothing like scratching an itch for the common good.