Viking Practice

Tonight, Kris and I headed over to Vinny's to meet up with Mark, Vinny and anyone else interested in participating in Mark and Vinny's Viking Operetta.

That includes those of us hoodwinked into it.

Mark and Vinny have been talking about this operetta for ages. They have a plot, they have lyrics for some songs, they have lots of ideas, but never quite managed to complete it.

About two months ago, I had an inspiration, and came up with (what I thought was) a catchy tune that could work for the only song I knew in the operetta: Much Too Stout. I mentioned it casually to Mark, that I had something to hum for him, and told him I'd get an mp3 of the tune out and email it to him.

Well, apparently that lit a fire under his butt, because he composed the next song, Triune Pedigree on the two hour drive home from a tournament.

Before we knew it, Kris was roped in to be the Cook, and I was the Taste Tester. Both of us singing and performing in Vinny's 3rd annual Talent Show and fund raiser to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem. I don't have stage fright, I'd be performing in front of friends, a few drinks and I won't notice a thing, all not a problem.

Except, I'll be singing.


Out loud.

Not in the shower.

Yes, the performance will be an operetta. And I'll be singing. It'll be my stage debut. How exciting, eh? I have a major role in the operetta. I'll be singing a solo. I'll be dressed up to be 300 pounds. It'll be fun, but crazy.

The practice went really well. Only the first of three acts are complete, so we'll be performing that. There are three songs: the whole chorus, my solo and Kris' solo.

At least Kris can carry a tune.

Oh, and we'll be taping. So expect a movie sometime in the next three weeks.