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Chow down!

I really need to move this site to my other server so that I can upgrade the software so that I can start tagging my posts, so that I can go through all my posts and hide the ones that are way too personal, so that I can let the search engines back in.

Until then...

Another successful communal dinner tonight. Instead of our usual 10 people, however, I invited 19 people over for dinner. The usual suspects came: Heather, Vinny, Chris, Kris, Mark, Megan, Chookie, Martha and even Tyler (who showed up on time, whoo)! No Brynne, though. The new folks included Adam, Stephanie, Mike, Kate, Liza and Maeryn (though admittedly those last two didn't actually eat anything), Elizabeth, Heidi, John and cousin Mike P.

Mike P!

Visiting again! The best cousin in all the world. I think he visits Kris more than I visit my mom.

I really need to visit my mom more.

Tonight's dinner was plum stuffed pork with rice and salad. I started really late in cooking it, so Heather helped me out. Heidi helped with the salad. As the recipe was a new one for me, there was the chance (perhaps a small one, but still a chance) it wouldn't be good. Fortunately, it turned out well, and everyone liked it.

Well, those who ate it did.

When serving pork, always prepare for vegetarians and kosher friends.

When people asked what to bring, I said wine or dessert. In the end, we had an extra, oh, four bottles of wine and enough dessert to put on ten pounds.

Per hip.

I love these people.

I talked about both SuperHappyDevHouse (Code Jam, baby!) and BarCamp. I asked around to see if any of my geek friends (pretty much all the men in the room, actually), if they were interested in going, but all declined. "From 7 on Friday until 2 on Sunday? Geez!"

When I asked if I could go, Mark offered, "I would send her to BarCamp with a backpack, and a salami."

And Kris responded, "I think a summer sausage instead."

Whoo! That means, I'm heading to BarCamp!

With a summer sausage! And a backpack!

The great news of the evening, however, we heard at the end of the night, delivered ever so casually by Mark.

"Hey, Megan's pregnant."


*blink* *blink*


A baby Smith! A baby Smith! Whoo hoo! The bestest news!

Of course, now that I think about it, this news explains Mark's hesitant answer on the way home from Chico to the question, "So, Mark, when are you and Megan planning on having kids?"

"Well, we're not sure. We're enjoying ourselves too much right now. Some day."

Welcome to Someday. It's a great day!