Blah blah blah, fourth day


On the fourth day of Christmas, I went back to work.

Kate, Liza, Maeryn, Mike and I went out for breakfast this morning early (where 9:30 is defined as early when you're on vacation), before Mike and I wandered to the colo to do some server swaps. You know your mind is still on vacation when you get the drill wedged between the rail and a server because you jammed the drill into the rack to unscrew a screw and forget that the act of unscrewing the screw will increase the length of the drill, making removing said drill impossible without screwing the screw back in.

Fourth day. Christmas. Vacation. Remember?

Clearly not.

The other thought that popped into my head was why, oh, why, must everything at the colo take three times as long as expected? Why?

We went to install an Apple X-server Mike had, only to have to install it three times, each time learning something a little different, a little new about the box we were trying to install. Like, the width of the head is 2 millimeters wider than the rack space opening. We had to shove the box in at an angle, then rotate it into place, then screw two shelves into place to hold it, as screwing it in was impossible since we rotated the box into place, blocking the mount bracket openings with the rack wall.

Uh, yeah.

I then spent another hour server wrastling, attempting to beat down the two new servers going in for a client. Beat down, indeed, as I left the colo unsuccessful in the installation of the site onto the two new servers. Something about a 10000 volt power box thumping behind me, and thw whirring of hundreds of fans, and insistent beeping of hundreds of unloved servers disrupting my concentration, or something.

That, and insight when I tackled the problem at home.

On to other work now. Or, time to finish up this syncing daemon of joy.