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Finally! DSL


Three weeks without a good, reliable Intarweb™ connection, and I'm half bald from pulling out my hair in frustration.

Another DSL guy came out today and, unlike the last DSL guy who seemed to be a moron, this guy seemed to know what he doing. He checked the inside wiring, pulled out two dust gremlins, cleared the cooties from the broken connectors in the phone jack, climbed his ladder to check the filter fairies and finally sacrificed 10 feet of phone cabling to the Intarweb™ connection gods. He then declared (one hour and $120 later), I was good to go, try to make a connection.

Never has a steady green light looked so good.

Whee! Connected! I can finally post all of my blog posts from the last two weeks and upload all of my pictures. Yay!

Time now to go find a good girl-toupee to cover my head until my hair grows back.

For those with Yahoo/SBC DSL, when you call to make an appointment with a technician, ask for John with the operator number 6CN. He rocks.