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First day of OSCMS 2007


One of these days, I'm going to write about a conference I went to where, when I write, I detail the talks I heard, instead of the people I met or the things I did. When that day comes, I might have even taken notes. Until then, though, it's all about who I met and what I heard (in the hallways, that is).

Today was the first day of the 2007 OSCMS Summit, hosted by Yahoo. My original plan with the schedule was to listen to Rasmus, who never disappoints, then James, who is also entertaining to listen to. I was also planning on going to the theming session, Earl's node_access session, too. I wasn't sure about the last session, so went to the internationalization one, since Mike was in that one.

The day was fabulous. Except for the theming session, which wasn't directed at our level, the sessions were informative and well presented. Chris and I could have taught the theming session, a realization which is always disappointing (in the sense we've just wasted our time, not in the sense, hey, hot damn, we know it all!).

At lunch, I met up with a few people I've been really really really wanting to meet for just the longest time. I met Robert Douglass, the first person to publish a drupal book. Entertainingly enough, he knew who I was and immediately complimented me on my tutorials and documentation. Of course, I was flattered. He also remembered I was working on the Flickr API project, another one of many projects I've started and not finished. Boo.

I also met Steven Peck, whom I've communicated with over the last couple years but never met. His first words to me where, "Oh my! She does exist!"

I also met Josh Koenig, who frustratingly knew who I was, but I don't recall meeting him. And, dammit, I wanted to talk to him more than the introductions, but I was stupidly nervous. After I left our conversation, I could NOT figure out why the heck I was tongue-tied. Stupid tongue. Stupid knots.

There was a gathering after the event that I just didn't want to go to. My stamina for these things is too short. I don't know why. Something about getting up at six in the morning and needing to go to bed at ten at night seems to limit what I can and can't do these days.

Stupid adult sleeping schedule.