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My Best Friend EVER nomination


Wednesday nights are usually communal dinner nights. No one volunteered to host, so there didn't appear to be a dinner happening. I emailed Megan to see if she would be interested in dinner: I would stop by Whole Foods on the way to her house and we'd cook over at her place. Megan had commented to me that guests don't just head over and knock on her door, so I thought it'd be fun to nearly do that.

Work disagreed.

Late in the afternoon, I wasn't finished with my tasks, and it was clear I wasn't going to be able to have dinner and finish the project images I need to complete. I called Megan up and told her I had to bail.


Kris would be out on Friday night, and Friday nights were when we had massages, maybe I could bribe her to come over, take Kris' place and have a massage while I played with Mirabelle for an hour, how about it?

I think she took about .2 microseconds to decide and declare I was the best friend ever.

Yay me!