They're smart like that


After class today, I wasn't feeling particularly good. Instead of trying to push through the feelings of "eh." and missing small group practice because of another stupid migraine (though I'm not exactly saying I could have prevented last week's if I had just gone to sleep, I could say that and feel comfortable with that statement), I decided to nap. And, in my usual "Let's not waste any time with this napping thing," I put a load of laundry into the washing machine, grabbed a dog, wandered to the bed and fell asleep.

A half hour later, from the depths of sleep I vaguely heard the dogs barking. At least I think they were barking: I recall being annoyed they were barking, but who knows if they were really barking or not.

After an hour or so later, I finally woke up. I needed to get ready for small-group practice, so I pulled out various clothes, changed into them, and wandered out to the garage to move the laundry to the dryer, maybe start another load. Waste no time here!

To be greeted by this:

Water filled our garage, damaging everything on the floor from the washing machine to the front of the house. Turns out, the dogs were barking, and they were trying to say, "Yo! Wake up! A plastic bag fell into the sink where the washing machine drains, blocking the drain! It's causing the laundry water to overflow the sink into the garage and out the front. Come quickly to save your crap!"

Because, well, my dogs have moments of brilliance like that.

Too bad I don't.