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Ice cream fairies


I swear, we have ice cream fairies in this house. How do I know? Because every time I open the freezer, there's ice cream there. Not only is there ice cream there, but it's ice cream I didn't buy. Not only did I not buy the ice cream, the ice cream is in flavors I know Kris wouldn't buy, because he either doesn't like them, or can't eat them. He'd never buy vanilla. He can't eat the double chocolate fudge swirl with almonds and chocolate covered pecans, as he can't eat the nuts. And the peach combo? Not his style.

Yet, there they are. Ice creams galore. More than I can eat in a day. Which is saying something.

I think my fairies have names or something. I heard one of them murmuring something like "Mirabelle" or "Megan." Might have been "Mark" though.


It's awesome storing ice cream in someone's freezer, because every time you visit, hey! Free ice cream! But the vanilla isn't mine. I'm going to have to upgrade my flavors.