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Getting organized - day 11


Day 11 Get invited back. Keep a pretty, blank card and envelope on your person at all times so [that] you can express appreciation whenever you're inclined. Jot a grateful note to a coworker for saving your patootie in a meeting. Or leave a missive in a pal's guest room after she hosts you for the weekend. It's never too early to say thank you!

Okay, aside from the fact that this would be the perfect lead in to April's website-of-the-month new year's resolution/goal I have, I don't see how this helps me be more organized. Well, okay, other than, maybe, help me send out my wedding thank you cards. You know, the ones that are three and a half years over due at this point?

But, thank you cards on your person? At all times? I mean, if that doesn't scream "Put this items into your backpack!" I don't know what would.

Except I don't want to carry around a card on my person at all times. Have you ever done this? I have, and it ruins the cards. The corners become bent. The edges of the card soften. The card begins to look like a battered condom package that has carted around in some teenager's wallet for three years, because you JUST NEVER KNOW.

Yeah, another one I'm not doing. I'm back to my 20 minutes of intense work, followed by another before and after photo session of my everything has a place, everything compartmentalized, the good stuff within reach organizations today.