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First thing I noticed?


Okay, so, note to self: "Girls in Tech" is not limited to girl programmers. There are lawyers and business women and PR women and contract specialists and caterers and designers and, well phooey, lots of other occupations.

And apparently, all of them are skinny and gorgeous. Holy crap, why is the first thing I notice about all of these women (other than the fact the ratio is 30 women to 3 men), is that they are all well-dressed, made up, thin and for the most part fabulously gorgeous?

Dammit, it's distracting.

My single male friends need to come with me to these events. The ratio of beatiful women to normal women is about 4 to 1 right now. Might be higher.


There are other women organizations… There is Women 2.0 (entrepreneurs), Girl Geek Dinners (just that), phpWomen (php programmers), etc. The one I think is more along the lines of "girl programmers" is probably devChix:

I didn't know Girls In Tech has had their own events recently. I just thought they were just helping sponsor.

More power to these organizations, I guess. Grrl power?