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Farmer's Market


Went to the local farmer's market this morning. I went to buy fruit for a wedding shower for Martha this afternoon. The market is along Murphy Street, where our offices used to be. I head downtown very little these days, and very rarely to Murphy Street in particular, so the trip brought back lots of memories.

Memories, and a lot more emotions than I was expecting.

The office was a good office. It had plenty of space for the 3.5 (hi, Katie!) of us. It was located with easy access for the three of us most of the time (until Mike moved away). There were lots of food places around (even if Doyle did complain about going to Firehouse once a week).

I don't want to romanticize the time we were there, as it certainly wasn't all rosy. I will, however, comment that I really, really, really wish that the time there, with the company, and with Mike and Chris, hadn't coincided with one of the worst depressions of my life.

Unfortunate timing there.



Thanks for the trip down memory lane! We really miss CA farmers' markets! Mt. View was our favorite, but I would take any CA market over what we have here. :-(